Asteion Super 4
Brand Name: Toshiba
Model Name: Asteion Super 4
Year of manufacture: Apr.2005
X RAY TUBE: CXB-400C (since Apr.2008)
Asking price: ask me!
Remark: the system is reinstalled in 2010

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Toshiba Nemio 10 for sale

Nemio 10 for sale. Good looking/ Good working.


Olympus CV-E for sale!

CV-E for sale! With good price.

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Toshiba PLF-308P

Toshiba Puncture Linear PLF-308P for sale!

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Fukuda UF-4500

Fukuda portable ultasound unit UF-4500 for sale.
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Toshiba PLF-705S-7.5 for sale

Toshiba PLF-705S for sale.
Good condition.
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Olympus CV-E

Olympus CV-E for sale!
CV-E and CLE-E set available set!
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